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World Class Boards offers unique, real-world-scenario based board training and development programs.  In addition to powerful content, our programs deliver great Theater.  You’ll sit in on fictional board meetings (though you’ll swear someone was taping an actual meeting you’ve attended) and analyze scenarios through the lens of principles you’ll learn during the program.  You’ll develop a Personal Road Map for board success, which individualizes the experience to your board service; what you gain is personal and practical, not general or theoretical.  And, you’ll have fun while you learn, making for a quick, but content-rich experience.  Board members leave energized and enthusiastic about becoming the best board they can be.

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Las Angeles, CA: November 1

Denver, CO: November 5

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Washington, DC: December 7

World Class Boards offers unique, real-world-scenario based board development programs. You and your fellow board members will:

  • Develop a Personal Road Map for board success
  • Have fun while you learn
  • Leave energized and enthusiastic about becoming the best board member and team you can be
Board Member Boot Camp

Board Member Boot Camp is no ordinary board development program. Through a highly interactive and entertaining series of real-world scenarios, you’ll apply the concepts discussed. Throughout the day you’ll capture proven methods and best-in-class strategies for effectively leading your organization. This program is offered both as a public seminar and as an on-site training program for a single board.

Designed for board members with all levels of experience and key staff.
8 hours / 4 to 5 hours / 1 to 2 hours

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Building a World Class Board

Building a World Class Board is a personalized training and board development program designed for a single board of directors.  It is offered as either a 4- or 5-hour program on-site at a time and location most convenient to your association’s board of directors. At the end of the day, your board will be well on its way to developing its aspirational culture, focused on strategy and best-in-class governance.

Designed for board members with all levels of experience and key staff.
8 hours / 4 to 5 hours / 1 to 2 hours

World Class Governance

This 4-hour program is deep dive into organizational governance best practices and strategic leadership. During the program you’ll identify your board’s strengths and weaknesses regarding your governance structure, culture and execution. And you’ll establish priorities for board development and enhancing governance effectiveness.

World Class Committees

Nonprofit committee work is at the heart of great work nonprofits do and carries a unique set of challenges. World Class committees work within the organization’s strategic framework to assure they are integrated with board vision and staff operations.

One of the biggest strategy mistakes boards make is to confuse having a strategic plan with “being strategic.” Often boards execute strategy as just another operational exercise, engaging in the “doing” rather than “directing” and/or confusing process improvement with strategy. Leading Associations not only helps boards establish a strategic direction, but become strategic leaders.

Strategic Leadership

Explore the 5 principles of strategic leadership. Learn the board’s proper role and the ideal board/CEO relationship in advancing the organization.

Building a Strategic Board

Having strategies is not the same as being strategic. This program teaches a board how to create a culture and a governance system that drives strategy beyond having a strategic plan.

Our webinars are high-quality training programs that bring you the latest topics from leading experts. These live, interactive events cover what you need to know to manage a world class board.

5 Elements of a World Class Board (Webinar)

A great board is achieved through deliberate design. Participants will explore the specific components required to make the transition from a good board to a great board. This framework keeps the board operating strategically and optimizes the board/staff relationship.

Among the keys to success are:

  • Focusing on the Aspirational Culture;
  • Executing on a clearly defined governance process; and
  • Maintaining a strategic and goal-driven framework.
Overcoming Board Malfunction and Dysfunction

No one wants to deal with distracting personality issues and factional boards. Learn to identify the three areas of dysfunction and gain tools for addressing each area.

You’ll learn to:

  • Identify the type of dysfunction and the right strategy to address it
  • Deal with difficult board members and not end up in the cross hairs
  • Fix broken processes and build your aspirational culture

You’ll get specific tools and strategies for overcoming cultural issues, conflicts, and difficult personalities.

Program Rates


Programs (not in Denver area)

half day: $6,000

full day:  $7,000 to $8,000

day + a half: $8,500

two day: $9,000


Programs in Denver & the Front Range

less than 3 hours: $3,500

half day: $4,000

full day:  $5,000

day and a half:  $6,500

two day: $7,000

Professional Consulting

Executive Consultation: $325/hour*

Executive Coaching: $375/hour*

Mediation & Conflict Reduction: $450/hour*

*Free 30 minute introductory sessions are available

Emergency Succession or Executive Agreements

Document Preparations and Orientation: $3000

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