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Whether you’re onboarding new Board members or strengthening the foundation of your established Board, our board orientation resources will guide the way.

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  • Annual CEO Performance Appraisal and Development Plan
  • Board Code of Conduct Sample
  • Board Member Boot Camp
  • Board of Directors Commitment Form
  • Committee Self Evaluation
  • Confidentiality Statement
  • Responsibilities of the Non Profit Board & Individual Members
  • Sample Antitrust Guidelines
  • Sample Board Evaluation
  • Sample BOD Commitment Form
  • Sample BOD Confidentiality Agreement
  • Sample Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Sample Consent Agenda
  • Sample Event Committee Structure
  • Sample Event Planning Timeline
  • Sample Program Committee Dashboard
  • Sample Reserve Policy
  • Sample Staff and Volunteer Event Task List
  • Sample Whistleblower Policy
  • Strategic Adaptation
  • The Perfect Norms for Boards of Directors