Preparing Your Board of Directors for Success is a Process

We’re here to guide you the whole way.


Board Orientation Resources for Executive Directors and Boards.

Finally, a straightforward process for onboarding new Board members. Reap the long term benefits of having an engaged Board starting day one.

In this video series, you will learn:

  1.  A simple step-by-step approach to onboarding your board members
  2. How to relay information in an interesting and engaging way
  3. Most effective techniques for creating Directors who become champions for your organization
  4. Strategies for organizing a successful Board
  5. Ways to keep your Board working efficiently

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What Association Board Members and Staff are Saying

I have been working with Leading Associations for approximately 6 months as a board member of a medium nonprofit organization. I cannot speak highly enough about them. Rob and Jeff helped turn our very struggling organization around to an organization that has a focus, a drive, and soon a strategic plan.

Rebecca Stahl

Rob and Jeff provided immeasurable help to our Board of Directors. Their presentation was clear, concise, and specifically tailored to our particular needs.

Dion West

Whenever I read something Jeff wrote or hear him speak, I say “of course. . . I knew that” or “I should have thought of that” – because it makes eminent sense.  He has a magical ability to take a concept (that is likely complex) and reframe it in terms that make you say, “Now I get it.”

Francine Butler


About the Trainers

Jeff Arnold


Jeff Arnold is a leadership strategist who helps associations provide visionary leadership, establish aspirational cultures, and produce remarkable results.

Jeff is an association leadership strategist who helps association CEOs and their Boards of Directors build world class strategy, world class boards and world class board/staff relationships. He is President and co-owner of Leading Associations, a company that offers training, consulting and management services to associations, and provides a roadmap to building visionary leadership, establishing an aspirational culture, and producing remarkable results.

Rob Spangler


Rob Spangler is a leadership confidant who helps association executives and their board of directors to clarify strengths and areas of challenge so they can make informed choices, address areas of growth and proactively develop their organization. He is co-owner of Leading Associations, which provides training, consulting and management services to organizations, advising them on how to provide visionary leadership, establish an aspirational culture and produce remarkable results.

From training to group dynamic improvements, Rob is an experienced speaker and facilitator for both large and small organizations. By always “meeting you where you are”, Rob is skilled in clarifying issues and needs, as well as helping organization leadership to identify intermediate steps toward stronger organizations.